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Veneers in Newton, NJ | Blairstown Smile Studio

Veneers in Newton, NJ

Are your teeth imperfections influencing the enthusiasm with which you meet people? If yes, we can understand how you feel and have just the solution. Veneers have been used to conceal all sorts of dental imperfections for many years.

So, with our veneers in Newton, NJ, say goodbye to all your teeth woes. Contact us at Blairstown Smile Studio for a perfect smile today! 

What are Veneers in Newton, NJ?

Veneers are tooth-colored materials in the form of thin shells. These shells are bonded to the front of a tooth to hide its imperfections. Following are some teeth appearance issues that veneers can help you solve:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Crooked or misshapen teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps
  • Worn down-looking teeth

Do note that veneers mainly serve to improve how your teeth look. They may act as a shield for your tooth surface but will not prevent cavities.


Types of Veneers in Newton, NJ

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are perfect if you want veneers that highly resemble natural teeth. These stain-resistant veneers are highly durable and last way longer than composite resin veneers. The primary difference between porcelain and resin veneers is the level of procedure invasiveness. For porcelain veneers to bond properly, some of your enamel is removed from the tooth’s surface.

Composite Resin Veneers

If chips, cracks, or gaps have been holding back your confidence, we bring the expertise to restore and enhance your teeth seamlessly with dental bondings. These versatile cosmetic solutions involve applying a tooth-colored resin to create a natural, harmonious appearance.

Our Process of Veneers in Newton, NJ

Here’s how our services of porcelain veneers in Newton, NJ work:

  • To get started, you must book an appointment with one of our veneer experts in Newton, NJ.
  • The consultant will examine your teeth at the preliminary appointment and discuss what you want to fix. Then, the dentist will devise a treatment plan tailored to your needs.
  • Next, the dentist will remove some of the enamel from the target tooth’s surface. This is so the veneers can bond better to your tooth.
  • Once your teeth are prepared, a dental impression of your target teeth will be taken. The impressions will then be handed to a lab for veneer fabrication.
  • Once the veneers are prepared, you’ll be asked to come for a second visit. In this visit, the dentist will apply the veneers to your teeth.
  • You’ll be scheduled for follow-up appointments to ensure the veneers work as required. 

Why Choose Us for Dental Veneers in Newton, NJ

A porcelain veneer treatment may not seem complicated compared to other dental problems. However, getting your veneers done by field experts is vital. When the procedure is correctly done, porcelain veneers can last you for about 20 years. However, if the treatment is done poorly, they will get damaged early on and require replacement.

By choosing our dental veneer services, you’ll be treated by the best Veneer specialists. To give you the best experience, we even provide insurance and financing. Our goal is to use your insurance to get you maximum cost coverage and benefits. This is why we accept a wide range of dental insurance plans. 

Schedule an Appointment for Veneers Newton, NJ Today

Imperfect teeth are common, but you shouldn’t let them reduce your confidence. For the most satisfactory veneers in Newton, NJ, schedule an appointment with us at Blairstown Smile Studio today. Our well-trained staff is committed to providing you with dental excellence. 

We use advanced treatment methods and have a top-notch facility. So, you can count on us for a premium experience and a stunning smile. 


On average, veneers cost $1500 to $1700 per tooth in Newton, NJ.
Yes, porcelain veneers are of high quality and last much longer than composite veneers. However, porcelain veneers are more expensive than their counterparts.
At Blairstown Smile Studio, we make every effort to accommodate same-day appointments for urgent dental issues, ensuring you receive prompt and attentive care when needed.